Come To California!

*OR: Come To California! Where the Sun Shines, and Where Our Best Meteorological Science Indicates It Won't Stop Shining For A Long Time, Causing Devastating Drought In A State With Horrific Water Management Issues In The First Place, But Don't Fret, If You Don't Live Here Already, You Can't Really Afford To Live Here, Unless You're Among The Very Wealthy Or You're OK With Substantial Tradeoffs In Your Quality Of Life, And If You Do Live Here Already, You're Either Renting Long-Term With No Control Of Your Future, At Substantial Cost and Essentially Setting Cash On Fire, Or You're Locked Into Untenable Mortgage Debt On Top Of A Crumbling Public School System So You Spend An Unseemly Percentage Of Your Income That Didn't Go To Rent Or Mortgage Payments Already On A Private School That Your Kid Probably Won't Be Admitted To, Anyways

A stirring New Yorker video on California's "extraordinary" drought, farmers and you:

Oh, and here's some pictures of where you used to get your water: California reservoir drought pictures

A New York Times piece on unaffordable housing for the middle class:

Have a nice day! Don't forget your suntan lotion.

— Q