Being Scientifically Inclined

"…our society has become so technologically based that you really can’t be a fully operating citizen unless you understand basic science. How are you supposed to make judgements about the health of your children if you don’t believe in science? How are you supposed to make a judgement about a generation of fuel and power if you don’t believe in science? You can’t operate as a sensible voting member of a democratic society these days unless you understand fundamental scientific principles to a degree."

From an interview of David Attenborough by Brian Cox and Robin Ince. Couldn't agree with this more. And I think it applies not only to operation citizens, but obviously -- and perhaps most glaringly -- to politicians. How do we intend to advance with 75 year old members of Congress who shun even email? How are they supposed to understand NASA's needs, or climate change models, or net neutrality arguments?

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