Scientists Seek Ban on Method of Editing the Human Genome -

A group of leading biologists on Thursday called for a worldwide moratorium on use of a new genome-editing technique that would alter human DNA in a way that can be inherited.

I'm not sure most folks realize how incredibly close to hard "sci-fi" we are. Like anything else, this will get out of hand and humanity will be a very different place by the end of the century. Don't believe me? 

Ethicists, for decades, have been concerned about the dangers of altering the human germline — meaning to make changes to human sperm, eggs or embryos that will last through the life of the individual and be passed on to future generations.

Super soldiers, here we come!

“We worry about people making changes without the knowledge of what those changes mean in terms of the overall genome,” Dr. Baltimore said. “I personally think we are just not smart enough — and won’t be for a very long time — to feel comfortable about the consequences of changing heredity, even in a single individual.”