A Million Little Boxes | FiveThirtyEight

Feyer brought his A-game. He ripped into Puzzle 1 (see image at left) like a kid on Christmas morning. The final time was 1:55, which was the first sub-two-minute puzzle ever completed in the tournament...To make sense of his time, I conducted a little experiment. I wrote my first name over and over again in the same grid, as fast as I could while maintaining legibility. It took me 1:40.

I love this expose on the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. I haven't consistently done the crossword every day in years, but this makes me want to dive back in. I'm 100% positive I'll be terrible.

On a related note, if you've never read The Queen's Gambit, the novel about a young female chess prodigy -- check it out. Riveting.