The Fog Horn Magazine

Yesterday I soft-launched my newest project, The Fog Horn.

What Is It? 

The Fog Horn is a new magazine of fictional short stories that'll launch this fall. 4 stories an issue, 12 issues a year.

Where Can I Find It? 

The Fog Horn will be for iOS devices only -- iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Why? Because of Newsstand. Building, supporting and subscribing to a Newsstand app couldn't be easier, and we're aiming to take advantage of that to produce a high quality app full of stellar new writing.

What's Inside? 

All fiction genres are welcome! We're hoping to strike a balance among fancy screenwriters, established authors, non-fiction writers looking to scratch an itch and, most importantly, new writers.

Who's It For?

For fiction lovers. For readers on-the-go. For you, if we're lucky!

When Can I Start Reading? 

We're aiming for this fall. Sign up for updates at and follow @TheFogHorn on Twitter.

Where Can I Submit My Story? 

We're excited you asked! You can submit your previously unpublished story at Only the best will be published and we can't wait to read yours.

Is It True You're Paying For Stories? 

Writers should be paid for great writing. Published stories will earn what we believe to be a very reasonable paycheck. 

That's it for now, follow us on Twitter for more!