On Dinosaur Time

"You can't understand dinosaurs without a sense of time...less time separates us from Tyrannosaurus rex than separated T. rex from Stegosaurus."

I love this. It's the much larger scale version of us being off on Stonehenge by 5000 years. Which is still something to consider, btw: 5000 years is all of the time post-historical Jesus, times two. A lot happens in 5000 years.

To get truly nerdy: this is why a real Jurassic Park would technically be a shitshow. Most of these animals never encountered each other. They lived tens of millions of years apart. So to let them run wild amongst one another would inevitably instigate a fight to the top of a new food chain, probably resulting in the quick and bloody extinction of many of your theme park's finest attractions.

On that note: where do I buy tickets?