NYT: Girls Who Code

“The dividing line is learning to code,” Ms. Wennmachers said. “You either tell the computer what to do and you’ve got lots of great career options. Or the computer tells you what to do and you end up working in a shoe store.”

Great NYTimes post about getting young girls – and women in general – into coding and tech. In a world where educating girls has become essential (in many places it's the much needed, and often violently suppressed, catalyst for real economic and political change), it's good to see the glitterati of the tech world reinvesting their experience into leveling the playing field.

As noted, it's gotta start before women reach for, and many times are stymied by, the male dominated executive culture. The education has to begin even before women try to run a tech startup – for equal opportunity, it has to start with learning the language of code. Man or woman, if you can't even comprehend the language (whether it's coding, design, ordering ingredients or drafting a linebacker), you're already behind.

This article reminded me of a great episode of Mac Power Users, with guest Jean MacDonald. Jean started a program called "App Camp for Girls" with a notion along the lines of: If the barrier for entry into software development is lower than ever, isn't this the perfect time to bring in a new wave – girls? Imagine a world where this entirely new perspective is enabled from the ground up. I'm excited.