Stonehenge Settled 5,000 Years Earlier Than Thought : Discovery News

This is kind of crazy. 5000 years is a relatively long time for modern archaeology fact-finding. Oops. Obviously 5000 years is a tiny window when we're talking about dinos, but stick with me here for a sec.

1. Jamestown was 400 years ago. Historical Jesus wandered around 2000+ years ago, and some adorable people think that's when the earth popped out of the oven.

2. This dates Stonehenge back to 7500 BC - that's 10,000 fucking years ago! We were off by 5000 years!

Also, fun fact: the excavation was prompted when they found evidence of a natural spring where animals and later, people, would make home. Fresh water = habitable zone. Tried and true. Just more evidence that Los Angeles shouldn't exist!